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Whitney Cox

Creative & Socially Minded Professional

Whitney is a creative, socially minded professional with over 15 years experience in Emerging Financial Markets. She has strong communications, sales and fundraising abilities, is deeply passionate about the Colombian Pacific Coast region and art and culture as a method for sustainable development. Fluent in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, she holds both american and italian citizenship. Whitney is a dancer, adventurer, world traveler, and athlete who believes one must follow their heart above all and the rest will fall in place.

Whitney earned a bachelors degree in Economics from Columbia University and a Masters Degree in International Relations and International Economics from Johns Hopkins University. Her finance career spanned NYC, London and much of Latin America and included positions at Lehman Brothers, HSBC and JP Morgan where she was a sales trader in Emerging Markets Fixed Income products, and after completing her masters she moved to former client Stone Harbor Investment Partners where she was a portfolio manager for the Emerging Markets Debt Group where she and ten other professionals managed over $60bn USD.

After nearly four years at Stone Harbor Whitney was awarded a fellowship from LGT Venture Philanthropy Fund in Switzerland to support their portfolio company Lumni Inc through a 10 month contract at their headquarters in Bogota, Colombia. Lumni specializes in human capital financing for education, where investors can invest in a person's education and take part in a % of that persons future earnings. Whitney served as the Global Fundraising Head for Lumni overseeing teams in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

After completing her fellowship in Bogota, Whitney moved to Cali, Colombia as Executive Director for the Alvaralice Foundation, a family organization dedicated to support grassroots organizations in Cali in peacebuilding projects. Whitney oversaw the Alvaralice Foundation for a year where her principal role was managing a team and fundraising for their principal project the Somos Pacifico Cultural Technocenter, an after school center Cali which uses art, dance, culture and technology programs to prevent violence and transform young lives in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Cali. While at the helm of Alvaralice Foundation Whitney and her team raised nearly $250,000 in support of the Technocenter, and designed projects with key allies such as USAID, the Cali Mayor, the Governors Office of the Valle del Cauca, the Ford Foundation and many other important actors in the international cooperation community. She is currently on sebattical and analyzing her next options.

Whitney Cox
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