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Our Mission

BizzyChicks provides insights and tips that will boost your financial prowess at home and fuel your success at work.

BizzyChicks is a group of successful, motivational women business leaders.  Whether part of a large organization or self-employed, these ladies have vast experience navigating the business world.  They have personal stories that convey practical advice for every day uses of financial topics.  Given their passion about their jobs and their careers, they serve as beacons for young women looking toward their own futures.

BizzyChicks was founded by Sara Zervos, and is the product of a collision of Sara’s passion for economics and finance and her desire to educate young people.  Witnessing a gap in everyday financial literacy in the population in general, and young women in particular, she wanted to find a new way to convey financial tidbits essential to both surviving and thriving in today’s society.  Fortunate to have her own network of awesome and approachable business ladies, Sara felt that the world would benefit by hearing their stories.  BizzyChicks hopes to show young women that financial knowledge is powerful and critical, and that they too can achieve success in the world of business. 

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