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Tammy Sheffer

Chief of Staff &
HR Guru

In January 2014, Tammy became the Chief of Staff to the Chairman and CEO of OppenheimerFunds. In this capacity she works with the Senior Leadership Team and others to ensure appropriate level of focus on critical business initiatives to advance the company’s agenda and goals. In addition, she is responsible for corporate communications which focuses on ensuring the employee base is informed on the strategic direction and goals of the company.

Prior to that, Tammy was the SVP, Head of Human Resources Relationship Management, where she led strategic initiatives across the enterprise with the HR Relationship Manager team. In 2013, she co-developed and launched a performance management program (APM) designed to replace the existing numerical rating system, providing a solution that enabled and strengthened dialogue and feedback between management and employees.

She served in the Israel Defense force as a Sergeant where she developed strong project management and leadership skills. She holds an M.A. in Criminal Justice and Social Deviance from the John Jay College in New York, and a English Literature and World History from the Hebrew University in Israel. She currently resides in New York with her husband and two children.

Tammy Sheffer
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