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Tammi Leader Fuller

Chief Empowerment Officer,
Emmy Winning TV Producer

Tammi Leader Fuller — Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) — is the power behind Campowerment, a women’s movement that’s transforming lives in just 72 hours.

She’s a two-time Emmy award winning TV Producer, who walked away from a successful career in 2013 to help purpose-driven people learn to love what they do and get happier. Period.

With the vision of summer camp — Tammi’s childhood “happy place” — and the relationships she built with the leading Experts who impressed and inspired her over 34 years as a Television Producer/Executive, Tammi created Campowerment to help women jump-start the beginning of the rest of their lives, through the power of playtime.

Two years ago, Tammi made the career switch out of her Senior Supervising Producer role for EXTRA TV and Lifechangers (Warner Brothers/ Telepictures), and designed this weekend time-out, to help women get their mojo back. 16 weekend retreats and 3000 happy campers later, Campowerment’s getting shout outs from Oprah, MORE and Parade Magazines, the TODAY Show, The Hollywood Reporter, LA Times, Miami Herald and the Philadelphia Inquirer, as the place where women go to learn how to live life better, and figure out what they’re supposed to be doing with their lives.

Campowerment is a far cry from an exciting TV News career that began in 1980, in the real life Miami Vice, covering the Drug Wars and rampant crime in South Florida. Tammi spent three decades producing network news for NBC News and the Today Show, CBS News, PBS and America’s Most Wanted. In 2005, Tammi partnered with five accomplished South Florida businesswomen — known together as the “Miami Bombshells” — to co-author “Dish and
Tell” (Harper Collins), a book of anecdotes to help women understand they are not alone in the struggle to juggle all life throws their way.

Now at the helm of Campowerment, Tammi’s traded in her business suits for yoga pants, producing, publicizing and evolving this life-altering experience engine to help grown-ups get happy again.

Tammi Leader Fuller
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