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Regitze Ladekarl

Software Consulting Pro,
Budding Author

I am passionate about my work, no matter the shape or form, and I believe that tasks worth doing are worth doing right.

My educational background is in economics and financial risk management. My heart is creative and I am driven to come up with, tinker, improve, distill and streamline processes and tools. I have used that to build a successful career in consulting, analytics and software design.

I am fiercely loyal; to my family, my friends, my employer and my team. That means I am in for the long haul on everything I do, for good and sometimes for bad. My career greatly reflects that, as I have always sought out workplaces with the best collaborative teams in their fields.

I started out in a macro economic research function at a large bank, then went to management consulting when I graduated. Later my consulting turned more technical when I joined a software company to build and implement custom applications for the financial industry. I really settled into that role and that is where I have acquired my expertise as well as advanced into management and leadership.

It took me a while – 16 years - to understand the difference between the two and see that I my work situation involved too much of the first and too little of the latter. So in 2015 I gathered the courage and took the opportunity to explore what my life would be like outside a traditional corporate setting, and I have loved every minute of it.

It has reset my perspective and taught me a lot about what makes me thrive; creating things that I can proudly put my name on, being part of a community, having a framework and accountability first and foremost to myself to name a few aspects.

My lessons learned and wisdom to impart is: trust your gut and path, don’t settle and if it feels like you are done, it is time to move on.

Regitze Ladekarl
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