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Mira Rocca

Integrative Psychotherapist &
Wellness Coach

Mira Rocca is an experienced and licensed Integrative Psychotherapist and Wellness Coach who is dedicated to helping individuals overcome problems with food, body image, exercise, depression, anxiety, trauma, life transitions, and familial issues. She helps her clients see that there is a better way to live, and guides them on a path to reach their fullest potential in life. Mira creates space for you to inhabit your body, while learning to balance your own vulnerability and inner strengths. This allows you to heal old wounds and feel more grounded and empowered in your life today. Mira's passion lies in helping mothers heal their body and food issues so they don't trickle down to the kids. Healing our own wounds is the most empowering and loving place we can be as moms. Believing in yourself is the best gift you can give your kids. In creating her thriving practice from the ground up, Mira is excited and passionate about mentoring others in their own empowered success.

Mira Rocca
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