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Lisa Gould

Personal Finance Consultant &
Life Coach

Lisa has gone from being a self-proclaimed Balance Transfer Queen to an international Financial Counselor. Whatever your money problems may be, Lisa’s were probably much worse.

Borrowing, transferring debt, and living above her means were common practices for most of her life, until one day she woke up and faced the fact that she had accumulated a massive amount of debt. On that very day she started telling the truth and began the process of changing her life.

Today Lisa is a Certified Financial Counselor who does Individuals and Couples Coaching, Workshops, Small Business Consulting and Financial Interventions. Specializing in working with fluctuating income streams, she expertly blends the best of traditional and long established money management tools and ideas and processes for entrepreneurs, business owners and creative professionals. Lisa revolutionizes her clients beliefs and behaviors around money, finances and relationships. She provides a fresh, modern approach to the possibilities of money.

“My mission is to inspire, teach and service my clients using the best and latest insights and information about money, finances. From our office sessions to all public facing marketing conversations, I take a big-picture approach to money and its place in peoples’ lives. I am ready to help people set up their best lives for success. I reveal new choices to my clients showing them what’s possible and obtainable.”

Lisa Gould
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