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Lesley Rattner

Artist, Entrepreneur, Fighter

My name is Lesley Rattner. I am a very creative person and very passionate about everything in my life.

Nothing has ever come easy for me. I am just one of those people. Work, children, marriage; everything has been a challenge. These challenges, however, have made me appreciate everything more than the average person.

I went to business school at St John’s University in NYC for two years and earned an Associate Degree. I was a horrible student (loved the partying though!). My mind would always wander during class to a place where I was creating something different and spectacular and making money doing it.

I have had my hands in many businesses throughout my life but never really felt satisfied. Years ago, I met a friend in NYC who was a designer. She introduced me to the fabulous world of handmade glass and I was immediately taken!

I developed a liking to working with my hands and instead of going out at night I would sit at home and put glass on everything. My business was started!

10 years later, after teaching myself how to do installations, I began working and installing glass murals at the Mohegan Sun Casino in CT.

20 years later, I became a business owner - wearing many different hats - with a staff of 40 artists and a 4,000 sq foot studio in Midtown Manhattan. How cool is that?!

The success of my business came at a tough price though, STRESS. I was being pulled in so many directions that the stress was out of hand and in 2013, I was diagnosed with a very serious blood cancer. I decided to downsize and leave my shop. My clients followed me and today I have a firm with only 4 artists and a life that is more controlled and easier to handle. I am still battling Cancer but it’s under control for the moment.

Business is great! I have recently taken on a huge project for Etsy in Brooklyn and Bristal Assisted Living facility on Long Island. I have also designed all the Calypso stores around the country. My life is a blessing!

Lesley Rattner
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