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Jodi Rabinowitz

Assistant Chief Human Resources,
Talent Acquisition & Organizational Development

Jodi Rabinowitz is the Assistant Chief Human Resources Officer, Talent Acquisition and Organizational Development for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She is responsible for recruiting key talent and ensuring there is appropriate growth and development for all employees who have the privilege of a long career at The Met.

Prior to making the move into the not-for-profit arena, Jodi has served as a strategic partner with over twenty years of organizational development and coaching experience. By designing customized solutions and developing talent management initiatives, she cultivates strong relationships with her key stakeholders and fosters cultures of high performance talent that deliver measurable results. Jodi believes that successful organizations need networks of empowered leaders and inspired teams—and her diverse portfolio of clients in financial services, retail, manufacturing, and non-profits is a testament to her hands-on, individualized approach to developing talent.

Jodi has a distinct background in leadership and talent development. Before founding her own consulting group, she held several in-house executive leadership positions in organizational, talent, and learning management. She believes that when managers drive the talent search and development process, the most effective work is accomplished. This innovative business-driven philosophy prompted her to pioneer the first successful implementation of a transparent talent management system that allowed leaders to set the parameters for their company’s goals.

Her nimble approach as a talent advisor stems from her time as an executive at The Center for Creative Leadership and her early career in social work. At CCL, she designed custom programs for Fortune 100 companies to help them elevate their employee relations, leadership potential, and desired business outcomes. Prior to this work, she tackled the behavioral aspects of leadership with the clinical skills she honed at a boutique Employee Assistance firm and Bellevue Hospital’s Psychiatric Emergency Room.

Jodi is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences and a Master’s of Social Work.

Jodi Rabinowitz
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