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Cheryl Pipia

Big Hearted Global Philanthropist

"My belief is that, by leading our lives embracing our uniqueness and authenticity, we will become a world of leaders who are constantly sharing and evolving."

— Cheryl Pipia

For passionate social entrepreneur and respected corporate executive Cheryl Pipia, Mission & Movement is the culmination of years of devoted effort and meticulous planning that's encompassed her professional, personal and philanthropic endeavors.

More than a decade ago, Cheryl began committing all of her vacation time from her "real job" to giving back, including humanitarian work in Peru, Romania, Tanzania, Nepal and Appalachia. Keenly devoted to following her heart and purpose, Cheryl found that the more she became immersed in other cultures, the more she connected to people from all walks of life, learning about them and herself in the process. Realizing that there's so much that can be achieved by working together, Cheryl founded her first 501(c)(3) organization, City Chik on a Mission, in 2014 in order to lead global projects focused on education, community development and employment in impoverished areas of Africa.

Launched in 2017, Mission & Movement is the logical next step in the evolution of Cheryl's social cause efforts and propels her deep desire to help even more people. Combining her humanitarian efforts with her love of handmade fashion, Cheryl conceived Mission & Movement as a global platform that drives awareness of indigenous cultures and supports local communities by promoting handcrafted goods. Cheryl's robust global network and important partnerships with organizations like the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator (BFDA), who will support Mission & Movement's first two product launches, are instrumental in this next phase of her dedicated social entrepreneurship and are emblematic of the savvy approach to business she's refined over 20 years in the corporate world.

Currently Head of U.S. Intermediary Client Engagement at T. Rowe Price, steadily climbing the ranks in her corporate career has given Cheryl the skills, confidence and financial resources necessary to found these ventures on her own. In all endeavors, Cheryl's path has been forged by leading from the heart and purposefully investing in this future vision.

Vivacious, full of life and wickedly funny, Cheryl thrives on building engagement and connections that benefit all involved. A native New Yorker, she's been devoted to volunteerism from a young age including work with the Special Olympics, Susan G. Komen, Gods Love We Deliver and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. In her downtime, she prefers to be surrounded by the color pink and the beauty of fresh flowers whenever possible.

Cheryl Pipia
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