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Cara Johnson

Empathic, Intuitive Energy Healer

“My healing energy and intuitive insight will liberate you from pain and illuminate your path.” ~ Cara Johnson

When you find your way to Cara Johnson, chances are you are struggling. With something. Either you have unanswered questions, health issues, emotional trauma, physical discord, life hiccups or you are rocking a combo platter of some or all of these. Or maybe you are one of the fantastic few not saddled with struggle, but your curiosity about alternative healing has reached cat-killing proportions.

Cara Johnson is an empathic, intuitive energy healer who feels into you, sees what you cannot and transforms discord and/or disease using channeled energy and sound. She is woo-woo wonderful while (delightfully) maintaining a very “normal” exterior.

When you work with Cara:

  • You’ll feel like you’ve known each other for years

  • You’ll marvel at how much can happen in 90 minutes

  • You’ll want to have a pen and paper handy so you can jot down all the intuitive insight she shares

Cara Johnson gives good love. It’s energy healing – supersized.

Cara Johnson
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