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Angela E. Uttaro

Seasoned Bond Analyst

Ms. Uttaro has had a career in the credit and research areas of finance for over 30 years. Armed with buy side, sell side, rating agency experience and an M.B.A. in Strategic Planning, she has been a senior member of the Oppenheimer Rochester ® municipal investment team for almost 15 years, responsible for the day-to- day management of over 20 state-specific and national municipal bond funds encompassing over $23 billion in AUM. Her analytical responsibilities cover several sectors including airlines and structured finance.

Before joining OppenheimerFunds, Ms. Uttaro was long time employed in New York City as a Director at Standard & Poor's Corporation, Citicorp Securities, Inc. and Brown Brothers Harriman where she aided in the creation of a top ten Institutional High Yield fund. She has had the pleasure of working directly with the CEO’s of over 100 Fortune 500 companies such as Henry Kravis (KKR) and Ronald Perelman (Revlon, Coleman, Marvel); as well as experiencing the boom in the “Junk Bond” market during the 80’s and 90’s.

Now, as a passion – and because she has two daughters, Ms. Uttaro is committed to helping women achieve their goals and participate fully in the world of business. To this end, she is an active member of the Women’s Network at OppenheimerFunds as well as supporting directly, various community efforts aimed at improving women’s lives. Long the only woman in the room – she wants to help others successfully enter the business world so that they are not.

Angela E. Uttaro
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