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Add PR Pizzazz To Your Professional Image

I work in public relations, so my life pretty much revolves around making things (and at times, people) look good. I understand the importance of image and how it relates to perception. To advance in your career and achieve your goals, I am a firm believer in investing in “personal PR.” Sharing my top five tips below on how to make a positive impression:

1. Dress To Impress.

You’ve heard this before, it’s nothing new; yet if everyone has heard it, why is this not being followed? Let me tell you: dress for the job you want, not the one you have.

2. Let’s Face It.

I know some women think they don’t “need” makeup. I honestly don’t understand these ladies. Maybe if your name is Gisele or Gigi, but in most cases, the answer is YES, you actually do. Even if you have

3. Social Media 101.

Depending on the settings on your social media accounts, your posts may be public for anyone in the world to see. That means prospective employers; your current employer; your boyfriend’s mom (and basically anyone) can gain a lot of insight about you simply by checking out your social feed.

4. It’s a Small World After All. References for the Win.

When interviewing, have at least three references with you, printed out and available to present if asked.

5. Put it On Paper.

When interviewing, don’t assume that the hiring manager has printed out your resume and has thoroughly read it. Always come prepared and with your documents ready to go in a nice portfolio. This shows you have taken the added effort, you are making a presentation, and you are not showing up

Dana Lauren Berry is a public relations professional currently based in Florida.

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